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ing.Ivo Gerov

"It is my pleasure to create something that does not exist and it works very well. I have always known that one day I will do exactly that. In the past I was working in the area of millitary aircraft constructions and now I apply this knowledge in the civil life to make people's lives easier. I had the opportunity to work aeroengineeríng profession abroad, but I stayed here because of sense of duty to my family"

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aeroing.Ivo Gerov

developer & owner

Eng. Ivo Gerov was born in 1964. He graduated from the Mathematics High School in Vratsa and then the Military Air School in Bulgaria of specialty "Repair and operation of aircraft".In 1990 he left the army and since then engaged in private business.

ing.Emil Petkov

electrical engineer

ing. Emil Petkov 1961-2017 г.He graduated from the Technical university of Sofia.

ing.Neven Nikolov

software engineer

ing.Neven Nikolov was born in 1989.

He graduated from the Technical university of Sofia

Anna Petkova


He graduated from the UNSS - Sofia 2014

Map position - IVG

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