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Pellet Burner KIT - IVG Bio-economic S40

The KIT included: Burner, Auger and Contoller -Management

Price: 2625 BGN

Pellet burner IVG Bio-economic S40 has been on the market for 10 years. At that time we managed to perfect the product by creating unique hardware and software that reliably and seamlessly operate the burner

In the work of the teams on this project - a modular pellet burner, one of the main goals was to avoid a number of disadvantages of other burners of this type! In response, unique gas dynamics and gas distribution were achieved in the chamber. The reliability of the burner is very high:the degree of burning of the pellets - also, it is attainable Emission Class 5 (Highest) and can not be obtained "fire retardation".

The burner is designed to be fitted to the standard boilers with efficient combustion chambers, but can also be placed on any type of boiler, even hand-made. Compliance with the minimum combustion chamber volume requirements is therefore required

The IVG Bio-economic S40 burner has 10 degrees of modulation - smooth power adjustment at the moment of operation. It calculates the power itself, depending on the current need of a heating system – this brings up to 30% fuel economy, compared to the other type of burners -"on-off".

Advantages of an IVG Bio-economic S40 burner:

1.Computer control, which allows precision regulation, leading to fuel economy

2.10 Modulation Modes - smooth power adjustment at the moment of operation, the controller itself calculates the required power depending on the current need of the built-in heating system - this brings up to 30% fuel economy..

3.Once the set temperature has been reached, it switches to Sleep mode (10% of maximum power) - start a program for smooth stepless pellet fuel regulation and automatic air control.

4.Auto-off automatically when the set temperature is reached +set hysteresis,switching to standby mode (the power consumption in this mode is 0.0014 kWh)

5.Automatic restart when the set temperature reaches -1/2 set hysteresis.

6.Smart system to control power failure during operation..

7.Automatically adjust maximum power for each user-selectable standard boiler - up to 40kW..

8.Exceptional repairability (modularity)

9.High energy efficiency, maximum power at "START" 320W

10.Fast-on ignition with low power consumption (320W), accomplished. with two 150W electric spark plugs (double ignition) and two-speed blowing - possible ignition with only one spark plugs.

11.Exceptional gas dynamics that creates underpressure in the pellet pipeline during operation - prevents ignition back -"fire retardation".

12.Fireplace hyperventilated, allowing 98% burning of the fuel, no harmful emissions.

13.Gas-dynamic cooling of the walls of the combustion chamber, extending the life of the burner.

14.Gas-dynamic self-cleaning during operation - possibility to set time for self-cleaning - adjusting the intervals between self-cleaning.

15.Gas-dynamic self-cleaning at stop and first start.

16.Automatic control of the boiler's circulating pump (programmable above 40 ° C).

17.Automatic shutdown ин congestion,indicating it on the display

18.Automatic shutdown when pellet (fuel) is running out, indicating it on the display.

19.Switch to emergency mode for a damaged thermosensor.

20.Reverse ignition prevent via built-in thermostat. When this protection is triggered, the burner switches to emergency mode

21.Real time clock independent of mains power

22.Built-in weekly programmer

23.Ability to control from room and external weekly programmer (programmable thermostats as an option).

24.Opportunity to start, stop with GSM and Internet (optional)

25.It goes into an emergency mode in case of overheating of the boiler above 95 ° C, indicating it on the display - In this mode, it is not possible to switch on the burner until the temperature has returned to normal.

26.Works with pellets Ф 6-8 mm.

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