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IVG Systems can provide consulting services, design and install pellet heating systems, and our company also provides warranty and post-warranty support for heating installations. Besides the production of pellet heating systems, we also offer a complete range of spare parts and consumables needed in the field of heating, air conditioning, solar and plumbing installations.

In addition to our standard products, we also offer customized pellet heating systems tailored to your individual requirements and preferences.

New in our services is the development of water-water heat pumps! We can now offer our customers the production and installation of a heat pump with 20kW heating power at a power consumption of -4kW. Expect more detailed product information and description soon

IVG performs cutting of metal sheets up to 2000/3000/10 / with CNC plasma machine.

Construction of solar installations

Argon and wire rod welding, bending of parts by hydraulic press, cutting of sheet material of guillotine.

IVG has well-trained assembly teams for almost the entire country

To contact an assembling team for a region, please contact our regional distributor for assistance!

Team for Northwest Bulgaria - Head and Consultant Simeon Atanasov tel:0888 25 77 66

IVG have company shoop - in village Glojene-region Vratza,

In our shop you can find A to Z:

Building materials,

Hardware and fasteners,

Household goods,tools and consumables

Electrical products, electronics and lighting...

Design of individual heating solutions.

Pellet heating systems

Solar systems

Heat pumps and others.

Occasionally, the company has its own production capacities!

IVG performs:

cutting metal sheets up to 2000/3000/10 / with CNC plasma machine,

professional argon welding,wire feeder welding

bending of parts by hydraulic press, cutting of sheet metal of guillotine.

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