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Pellet Heating System IVG_Bio-economic


Pellet Boiler IVG - 40kw with Burner IVG_S40 and Bunker

Pellet Boiler IVG - 30kw with Burner IVG_S40 and Bunker


Pellet Burner IVG S40_Bio-economic

In the work of the teams on this project - pellet burner modulation, one of the main goals is to be avoided rather shortcomings of other burners of this type. In response to this has been achieved unique gas dynamics and gas distribution in the combustion chamber! Reliability during operation of the burner is very high: the degree of burning pellets is very high, is achieved emission Class 5 (highest) and can not be obtained, etc. "Back fire".

The burner is designed for mounting to standard mass boilers with efficient fuel cells, but also can be placed on any type of boilers, even handmade, respectively, requiring compliance with the minimum requirements for the volume of the combustion chamber. Burner IVG bio-energy S 40 has 10 degrees of modulation -smooth power control at the time of operation. The burner itself calculates the much needed power depending on current need of heating system – this leads to 30% fuel savings, as compared with the other type,, on-off "burner!! !


Pellet Boiler IVG - 40(30)

Nominal Heating Power:40kW (30kW) Boiler class:5 Maximum Allowable Working Pressure: 2bar The maximum permissible operating temperature:85°C Water content:105L.(90L) The unique gas dynamics and heat distribution vast area led to very high real efficiency-94%(Much saving pellets). The temperature of the smoke's 74°С!!!


Pellet Hopper IVG - 40

Pellet capacity 440l-can order begger or smaller one!


Silent compressor for cleaning IVG

A silent compressor designed for the burner with a 1 liter receiver. The purpose of this compressor is to provide the compressed air to the burner.


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